Hi guys, I’m Jean, bicycle nerd.

By sharing a bunch of beautiful pictures, I want people to change their point of view about riding  bicycles.

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to drop a word or take a glance at my other blog !

PS : this is my ride

velo jean

  1. Steizzzz said:

    I have to say, this blog is really great.. i’m spending hours looking to this collection!
    I just started in doing some custom bikes works myself, actually is more a restyling work and here i can always find some good inspiration..
    May i submit some pics of my works?

    thanks and
    Have a nice day!

  2. Jean said:

    Hi Steiz,
    Thx for your comment, you’re very welcome to send me your pictures. See you

  3. Steizzzz said:

    Sorry but i’m dumb and i cannot find a way to send u the Pics.. Where can i see your mail?!?

    Mine, if u cannot retrieve it from the blog, is s_baruffaldi@hotmail.it.


  4. Simone said:

    Tnx, I really like yout blog, it’s a great source of inspiration for me.
    Keep on posting!
    Thank You

  5. Jean said:

    Thx Simone ! A rolling stone gathers no moss, we’ll be stronger by uniting. Keep on riding

  6. tasos said:

    very good collection of bikes very usefull for someone who wants to have ideas for bike build

  7. Pingback: Homepage

  8. Daniel said:

    Hi, this blog is really great and inspiring. I’m myself a bicycle nerd, and i’ve just started a Pinterest board with my favorite bikes. Please check it out, i’m sure you’ll find something new.
    I’d also like to follow you, somewhere else other, than wordpress.

  9. Jean said:

    I tweet at @jeanallary but rarely about bikes, DB is a single channel (isn’t that logical considering the topic we’re dealing with?).
    Thanks for your pinterest, i’ll definitly use it as an inspiration source.

  10. Hi Jean,
    how can we send you fotos of bikes?

  11. Jean said:

    at jean.allary at gmail.com

  12. Hi,
    We are a publishing company looking for images of bicycles to use in a book about bikes we are publishing this May and would like to enquire about the copyright of some of the images featured on your blog. Please could you get in touch by email and I’ll explain in more detail.

  13. Jean said:

    Hi Lucy, you can write me at jean.allary at gmail.com

  14. Anonymous said:

    Great blog, thank you

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